Soft Food

Breakfast Quesadilla

You can’t go wrong with the breakfast quesadilla. Wrap up your breakfast with this crispy warm tortilla,...eggs, bacon, and cheese, oh my!


So easy to make, but the flavor is undeniable! It’s warm and satisfying, a definite crowd pleaser.

Pizza Roll-ups & Brussel Sprouts

We all need a little pizza in our lives! These are so easy to make. So easy to take with you and reheat. Everyone’s gonna love them!

The brussel sprouts are addicting! With the right amount of bacon and parmesan sprinkled in you won’t be able to resist.

Sloppy Joe Quesadilla

If you grew up loving a sloppy joe, you’ve got to try this! We’re making a few substitutions from that old school joe and we’re gonna cheese it up. This one might be sloppy, but it’s delicious.

Unstuffed Peppers

These are essentially stuffed peppers, meaty and cheesy and delicious, but since we can’t eat a whole pepper anymore, it’s cut up and added into the filling making it easy to portion out just the right amount.

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