One-on-One Coaching

I’ve been right where you are. I know firsthand the challenges and set-backs that you’ve experienced. Just like you, I’ve looked in the mirror and cried as I’ve felt the shame and emotional pain as I’ve spent years struggling with my weight.

Finally, I’ve found the answer and I’ve never been happier and more passionate about life! And, I’m excited to share everything I’ve learned with you!

As your coach, I will provide you with the nutritional education and emotional support that’s required to create the body, develop the confidence, and build the life that you truly deserve. From calculating macronutrients to caloric partitioning, we’ll work together to build a nutritional plan with foods and meals that you absolutely LOVE to cook and can’t wait to enjoy!

As you know, a successful transformation is more than just knowing what to eat. Together, we’ll customize a plan that’s individually based on your vision, goals, psychology, and lifestyle. I will support you every step of the way.

When it comes to losing weight I’m certain that you have had high hopes in the past, only for them to be crushed. Believe me, I know - I’ve been there. That’s why my coaching packages include a money back guarantee. If after your first session you don’t feel like coaching is a good fit for you, I’ll refund every single penny. No questions asked. Yes, I really am that confident.

Look through the packages below. I know you’ll find one that fits exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re still not sure, simply email me and we’ll figure it out together.

It would be an honor to serve as your coach as you commit to finally achieving the results you’ve always dreamed of. Just remember . . . I did it and I know you can, too.

Coaching Packages

ENCOURAGE | Single Coaching Session

This 1-hour session is designed to help you build the foundation upon which you can construct your personalized transformation plan. You'll feel inspired and excited knowing you have what it takes to commit to your transformation journey!

New Year's Special: Sign-up in January and get a 2nd hour FREE!

Cost: $145

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EDUCATE | 4-Session Package

These four 1-hour sessions are packed with all the information you need to understand the intricate details of creating a meal plan that not only nourishes your body, but is delicious, as well! In a matter of weeks, you'll learn all the information that took me years to discover.

*Money-Back Guarantee

Cost: $495

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EMPOWER | 8-Session Package

The Empower Package is all about dramatic results. If you're totally committed to achieving the kind of results that I have, this is the package for you. Holding nothing back, I will hold your hand as I hold you accountable every step of the way.

*Money-Back Guarantee

Cost: $795

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